The latest Workers Comp stats

Has your industry's safety statistics improved?



The latest Safe Work Australia’s Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2015-16 report provides detailed statistics on workers’ compensations claims lodged in Australia.

Key findings from the 2015-16 report, include:

While some of the findings around musculoskeletal injuries are of no surprise, the good news is that overall there are less serious claims and less loss time than last year, and in the last 10 years the serious claim frequency rate has reduced by 29%.

Body Stressing claims as an injury cause were down in most states, while slips trips and fall claims increased. The number of mental stress claims also increased on average, in line with prevelent discussions in the media around mental health.

To review other findings and statistics, read the Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2015-16 report on the Safe Work Australia website.