The birth of minesite wellness

You want me to Warm Up for What?


When WFR started delivering minesite health, wellness and injury prevention programs in 1997, the ‘health’ culture amongst heavy industry workers was very much in its infancy. 

In the early days, our Healthy Lifestyle Programs on site were met with some resistance...
- "
There's no way I'll ever do those morning stretches"
- "I've always lifted this way, no point in changing things"
- "
I'm fine with my meat pie and iced coffee for lunch"
- "Me backs buggered, but I can still work"

And while there is still a small minority reluctantly accepting the requirement to participate, it is now very much the norm for employers to provide programs to improve workers' physical and mental health.

If you compare how the culture was in these industries back then to now, it's amazing how much health and safety on site has evolved:

What do you remember about your first experience on site?