Renew with Riva!

Kick start your health after the festive season


The holiday season is often the happiest time of the year...we spend time with family, we give and receive presents, eat lots of food, have lots of drinks,
and take time to relax!

However, we can also experience a lot of stress over Christmas with work deadlines, in-laws, weight gain, financial burdens, and too much drinking. For some it can be hard to bounce back and get back into the swing at work.

WFRs premium nutrition and health challenge Riva, is a four week program aimed to kick start a healthy lifestyle in the New Year!  It has 3 phases aimed to maximise nutritional benefits and lifestyle changes:  Eliminate, Rejuvenate, and Balance.  Some of the key features of the program include cleansing the digestive system, improving health conditions, having food variety, increasing energy levels, and
forming healthy eating, shopping and cooking habits.

Over the last few years WFR has had over 1000 people participate in Riva with great success.  Feedback from participants is always positive and varied due to the wide range of health benefits achieved, see below for a few of the responses.

- “I now have better awareness of eating habits”
- “I have better energy levels and I have been losing the kilo's”
- “Good support provided with the program”
- “I feel better and I have more energy”
- “The program was easy to follow”
- “My energy levels are great, I don’t have to struggle to concentrate"
- "My collegues all brought in a healthy lunch, and we would swap, it was great getting a healthy surprise each day"

Workplace health programs are often so successful because of the moral support participants get from others in their workplace, finding it easier to make healthy choices when others around them are too.

WFR are running the Riva promotion throughout all of December, and then the official start date for the program in on the 12th January.

Renew, Revive, Riva!

For more information about the event or to register your interest, please contact us.