Train the Trainer

The benefits of investing in training in-house


While it would be ideal to bring specialsed consultants into your business to deliver all required injury prevention training programs, there are times where budgets are tight.  During these periods, it is important for business's to investigate ways in which they can implement effective saftey measures within budget constraints.

WFRs Train the Trainer and Assessor Training courses are designed to empower your staff to confidently deliver training programs, in order to effectively deliver the injury prevention message.

The benefits of investing in training your staff:

1. Save Time: having trained staff members at the workplace enables early identification of injury risks and review and assessment as issues arise. 

2. Healthy Workers:  Injury prevention is as much a culture as it is a deliverable service. By upskilling your own staff it helps to foster an environment which is supportive and health conscious.

3. Save Money:  Delivering training and providing support in-house contains costs of external providers.  

4. The Insider ‘Knows The Job’:  Manual handling and ergonomics are effective only when they’re task specific and relevant. No one knows the job itself as well as the staff from within the organisation.  

5. Reduce Injuries from Induction: Having skilled staff encouraging healthy and safe work practices from the start of their induction can ensure good habits are formed immediately.

Following WFRs courses, your staff will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to complete basic assessments, training and be proactive in minimising workplace risk.

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