Staff Profile: Leah Clark

Meet one of WFRs up and coming staff members



Exercise Physiologist Leah Clark joined the WFR team as a Project Officer in May 2013.

Prior to WFR, Leah studied Bachelor of Science (exercise and health) and her post graduate in Exercise Rehabilitation at The University of Western Australia, and also worked conducting pre-employment medicals and workers comp rehabilitation at Redimed.

Leah is approachable, professional, and keen to learn which puts her in good steed to educate and interact with the hundreds of workers on her offshore projects including Transocean’s Legend and Frontier, and Maersk’s Nan Hai.

In the limited time Leah has been on the Goldfields Darlot project she has grown in confidence in speaking mining language and has a great rapport with all departments on site. With her experience in rehab she has been a valuable member of the medical team when assessing acute injuries, and has been happy getting her hands dirty going UG assessing job roles on high risk tasks.

Leah lets us know a bit about herself…

How would your co-workers describe you? Friendly, reliable, efficient, great baseline health report writer!

What is your favourite part of your job? Being able to travel around and working in lots of different environments, not many people get to take a helicopter to get to work!

What is the most embarrassing moment you had during your job with WFR? Playing a game of soccer, and going to kick the ball - not only missing the ball but slipping on the ground and falling flat on my butt - much to the amusement of the audience at the bar

Who or what inspires you? Family and friends

Favourite sport? Netball

If you were stranded on a deserted island what 3 things would you take? a towel, a fishing net and matches

What is your biggest fear? Locks breaking and unable to get out of small areas

Any secret talents? None that I am yet aware of!

Use one word to describe yourself? Friendly

Where do you want to be in 30 years’ time? living and relaxing by the beach down south