Firing up at DeGrussa

Injury Prevention expands into a full Healthy Lifestyle Program


Sandfire Resources sought WFRs services at their DeGrussa operation in October 2013 to assist in reducing musculoskeletal injuries on site.

The workplace stretching program included Warm Up 4 Work pre start stretching and the Stretch Leaders Progam, and was delivered over an 8 week period with great participation from the staff. The work at DeGrussa was then extended to include the completion of Job Task Profiles for the core job roles.

Based on the initial success of the program, Sandfire started a full Healthy Lifestyle Program in February 2014 to ensure their health, wellbeing, injury prevention and rehabilitation needs were met.

Health and Wellness programs have been popular with the staff so far including Tour De Fitness challenge, Riva Nutrition program, hypnotherapist for smoking cessation, podiatrist consultations, flu vaccinations, and Baseline Health Assessments.

Sandfire employees are open to bettering themselves and have welcomed the program, and the site Health Safety and Training team have assisted Exercise Physiologist Jodie Eaton every step of the way.

Occupational Health Safety & Training Manager, Bill Wasley, has already seen the impacts that the program has had at DeGrussa.  “Our workforce is benefiting from the program on site, both professionally and personally.”

Injury Preventions Programs have also started to make an impact with manual handling training, Warm Up 4 Work, Healthy Driver programs, Ergonomic Assessments and Job Task Analysis.  The participation and results of the programs are regularly monitored and WFR continually work with Sandire to review the focus of the program to meet their needs.