Stepper Tips


Take the stairs!
Every time you are going to use a lift or escalator...take the stairs instead. This will not only gain you a few hundred steps, it will also help strengthen and tone those butts and thigh muscles, and improve your cardiovascular health.

Involve the kids
Kids' love to run around - so exercise with them! Get involved in the kids activities - run, swim, play catch. Anything that you all enjoy and gets you moving more!

Coffee break!
Don't sit in the office café and have a coffee. Instead get a take away coffee and walk while you drink it. If you walk for 10 minutes rather than sitting while drinking your coffee, you could gain another 1000 steps.

Print far and wide.
To get a few more steps into your day, use a copy machine or printer across the other side of the office or on another floor.  You will be surprised at how quickly your steps will add up the more you move!

Walk, Run, or Ride to work...
If you live within 20km of the city, then cycling to work is a great way to improve your fitness. If you live even closer, then walk or run to work! If this is not possible, then simply park your car a few blocks from work and walk from there. Or hop off the bus one stop early and walk. Do this everyday and the steps will add up.

Walk and Talk!
With the development of technology the majority of us now have portable phone, wireless earpieces, and mobile phones at our disposal, allowing us to talk while on the move. To gain more steps in our day, we can indeed do just that. When the office phone rings, try diverting the call to mobile and walk around while engaging in the conversation. If you have meetings during the day, why not go for a walk and discuss the meeting agenda outside in the open air.