Step To Your Health

Week Four has finished, start logging your steps!


It's time to Step Up people!  Over 30% of you have not logged any steps so far!  Are you letting your team down?

How to log your Steps? Go to the WFR website, and log in. Then go to the Step event page, click on the SUBMIT RESULTS button, select your week, enter your steps, and click SUBMIT.  If you have trouble logging in to the website, or cannot log your steps, the please call the WFR office for assistance.

Occasionally, a WFR staff member may contact if we think you may have incorrectly entered your steps.  This is usually for steps logged under 10,000 or over 150,000. To avoid errors, please check your teams results after you have submitted your steps. You can then go back and resubmit them if you have made an error.

For more info download the event guide at