Ergonomic Assessor Training

Increase your HS team's knowledge and skills in ergonomics



Would you like to increase your Health & Safety team’s knowledge and skillset in the area of ergonomics and posture-related injury prevention?

WFR’s Ergonomic Assessor Training workshop is a cost-effective approach to minimising the risk of office injuries.

Outcomes for Employers:
  - Reduce work-related injuries
  - Manage Workers comp costs and insurance premiums
  - Improve productivity in the workplace
  - Encourage healthy work habits
  - Comply with government regulations

The Ergonomic Assessor Training workshop involves the training and education on workstation ergonomic solutions.  It combines theoretical and practical knowledge of a broad range of ergonomic topics including:
  - Principles of ergonomics
  - Legislation and the risk management process
  - Anatomy, common injuries and posture
  - Workstation assessment and ergonomic equipment
  - Work task efficiency and healthy work habits
  - Communication and assessment skills

Upon completion of the workshop, the Ergonomic Assessor will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to complete basic workstation assessments and be proactive in minimising workplace risk.

The workshop is designed for Health & Safety professionals.

Book now to attend the next training workshop. Alternatively, WFR can deliver the training at your business’s location (conditions apply), please contact us