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worksite fitness and rehabilitation

Taking off with Cobham

Cobham's comprehensive Injury Prevention program


WFR started working with Cobham early in 2014 with the aim of establishing a comprehensive Injury Prevention Program and ensuring OH&S compliance in Manual Handling.

The initial work that WFR completed with Cobham was a series of Job Role Profiles and Job Task Assessments, the aim of which was to gather specific information about the musculoskeletal aspects of their tasks to assist with the injury managment process.  The assessments were conducted with all their departments including; ground crew, cabin crew, cleaners, security, and flight crew.  The assessments involved observing job tasks and roles being performed, whilst providing feedback and coaching to the employee workgroup on the safe performance of these tasks. Postures, body position, load handling, team work, work environment layout, and the use of mechanical aids were all reviewed.

The next phase of Cobhams injury prevention program was ensuring that all staff were competant in Manual Handling.  Over 150 Cobham staff have completed the Manual Handling training course, Dynamic Back Care, to date. The response from Cobham staff was very positive with over 95% stating their knowledge of MH was increased.  Some feedback included:

  - "the knowledge about subject was great and the course was so much fun thank you"
  - "the best part about the course was the awareness of back injury & prevention"
  - "improved knowledge of the importance of MH and how this applies to my role, an enjoyable course"

And recently, Cobham have started rolling out the Workplace Stretching program with all of their departments.  The program involved over twenty staff from various deparments conducting the Stretch Leader Program, which enables team leaders to feel confident in coordinating and delivering workplace stretching sessions on a routine basis.  Warm Up 4 Work stretch posters were also created for each department to provide a quick resource for the workforce to undertake a routine of specific strength and conditioning exercises. The workplace stretching program is starting to fall into place, with Cobham hoping to have all departments conducting pre-shift stretches in the new year.

Fore more information on any of the programs above, please contact us.