Riva energises our clients!

Hundreds took part in our detox program at the start of 2012


Riva is a four week complete nutrition program aimed to kick start health in the New Year!  It has 3 phases aimed to maximise nutritional benefits and lifestyle changes:  Eliminate,  Rejuvenate,  and Balance.

WFR had over 270 people participate in the program in February 2012. All participants received a start-up pack including a Riva booklet, herbal teas, health food store vouchers, a stainless steel water bottle, access to the website to track weekly progress, and regular tips and recipes. 

When we asked participants what the best part of the Riva program was, here were a few of the replies:

- Awareness of eating habits
- Discovered dairy is not my friend
- Better energy levels and losing kg's
- Feel better, more energy
- Good support provided
- Health benefits, easy to follow
- Slight change to my diet
- Weight loss, not as sluggish


WFR next Health Campaign on WFRs calendar is The Healthiest Winner challenge...a healthy and sustainable approach to weight management.  The competition not only assists participants to lose weight, but focuses on realistic, sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes.  It starts in July 2012, so if you would like your company to be involved, please contact us by the 1st of May.