Wesfarmers Train the Trainer

a national manual tasking project


In August last year, WFR commenced work with Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety (WIS) to create a musculoskeletal injury prevention program, Body Right, for delivery across WIS business units such as Wesfamers, Blackwoods, Bullivants, Bakers, and Protector Alsafe.

WFR designed a comprehensive package focusing on musculoskeletal injury prevention and task risk identification, with key components in spinal care, manual handling and ergonomics of the various job tasks performed.

To achieve maximum impact, uptake and ownership by the 3500+ employees within the WIS team around Australia, the Body Right program was designed to be delivered at various levels and with different mediums. This ensures the injury prevention message will be ingrained in the work culture.

The Body Right program includes:

Train the Trainer workshops, in which WFR Exercise Physiologist's train WIS leaders in delivering the Body Right Program, are soon to start around Australia in May.  New Zealand will also be involved in the program following the Australian roll out. 

For more information about our injury prevention programs, please use the form to contact us or call 1300 WFR 777.