Health Assessments and Coaching

Increasing employees' awareness of their health and fitness status

WFR offers a broad range of health and wellness services including assessments, reporting, coaching, consulting and group presentations.

When developing a health strategy it is typical to commence with the delivery of a Baseline Health Assessment Program. This program includes a customised assessment of the employee group, followed by the provision of comprehensive reports for both the employee and employer. Upon completion of the employer’s Group Health Report, a health strategy can be designed, developed and implemented.

Health Intervention Programs are offered to higher risk employee group or individuals. These may consist of programs and plans based on health and lifestyle factors such as nutrition, weight management, exercise, and chronic disease 

WFR is able to create and deliver an Annual Health Presentation Plan. With over 20 Health Presentation packages available, all consisting of interactive presentations, posters and brochures, WFR assists its clients in the delivery of a highly varied, educational approach to health.